Past workshops

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Inversions – Turning Your World Downside Up

Pranayama – Diving into the World of Breath

Lift up and Fly! Kriya, Bandha, & Inversions: Deep internal strength and levitation principles.

Mystical Radiance – A Workshop on Surya Namaskar and the Sun

The Magic of Balance – Standing Balances with the Wall

Arm Balances I & II (Birds & Sages)

Divine Birds of Grace and Beauty I – Mayurasana & Hamsasana

Divine Birds of Grace and Beauty II – King Pigeon

Heart of Devotion – Hanuman and the Ramayana

Hot, Hip & Holy – Hip Opening, Hot Beatz and Yoga Philosophy

Unfolding the Lotus – Padmasana

Inner Silence – A Workshop on Walking and Seated Meditation

Lightly Holding – Towards an Effortless Yoga Practice

Nada Yoga – Deep Listening and the Yoga of Sound (with live music)

Transatlantic Currents – A Trans-local Yoga Experience

Seven Wheels – Subtle Body Anatomy and the Chakras

Shaking Medicine – From Ecstasy to Silence

Rumi – Poetry of Love

Drishti – Power of the Gaze

Cosmic Dog – Laika’s Adventures in Outer Space