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Meditation classes at YogaWorks

June 8, 2017

Hello all,

I am teaching a new meditation class at YogaWorks Soho on T/TH from 8:45-9:30am! I am really excited to be able to share this practice with you, which to me has been more transformative than any amount of asana practice. Please join us right after the 7:30am morning class!

YogaWorks NYC


Pranayama class at Yoga Agora

June 8, 2017

The Pranayama class at Yoga Agora has moved to sundays 3:30-4:30pm, for all of you who want to dive deeply into the world of breath and can only make it on weekends!
This class is only $8 and open to all levels.

Yoga Agora


June 3, 2017

Looks like we have to take climate justice into our own hands, which is anyway the best way.
I am thinking of a few immediate and powerful actions through which we can bring compassion into the world and stop funding climate change:

Divest from unethical banks and put your money either into Amalgamated Bank (for NYC) or Credit Unions. (Or hide it in a sock in your drawer at home, like grandma did). Let’s stop funding the oil business and pipelines.

Stop funding the meat and dairy industry, which causes some of the greatest harm to the environment (deforestation, water and air pollution, monocultures, pesticides, using up food resources). Going vegan is the most healthy choice for your own body, for the earth and climate, and of course for the animals. (Systemic speciesism is the same as systemic racism but on a much larger scale. It’s much more violent and much bigger in numbers – that is probably why it is hard for us humans to admit, because the suffering we cause to animals is so overwhelming).

Use less, live more. How much do we really need, and how much of our desire is simply perpetuated by advertising and the economies who want us to keep spending money? Resources on earth are finite, but our desires are infinite. Can we cultivate contentment and truly enjoy what we have, in this present moment, right here on planet earth? Can we come to understand that we ARE organism earth ourselves, and if we exploit the planet, we exploit ourselves? If we heal our relationship with mother earth, we heal ourselves?

art: Oliver Jeffers