Activism is collective healthcare

January 21, 2017

There is alternative and western medicine. Some health issues can be treated with acupuncture, other acute life-threatening injuries need immediate treatment at the intensive care.
When a country is ruled by leaders who work for peace, justice and the people, the people in turn have the great privilege to cultivate spiritual practices. Deep social change has to begin with ethics and inner work at the root level, before it can radiate out into the world. However, when the leaders of a country are not working for the people, the earth or world peace, but their motivation is based on personal power and material gain, spiritual practitioners need to switch to emergency mode. We need to take our spiritual practices out into the world and educate ourselves in the art of peaceful protest and direct action. We need to take responsibility for our lives, instead of resting on our privilege, letting others do the work or waiting until democracy has turned into fascism. And maybe we could have been more engaged in the first place (maybe we were but were not strong enough) – we are all in a learning process.
It is always important to ask ourselves how the practice we engage with is affecting our lives and the world we co-create. However, there are degrees of urgency. The red flag is up. Let’s wake up and get over any kind of fear, lethargy or spiritual bliss-bubble. If you have never protested before, this weekend offers plenty of opportunities for engagement and meeting new friends!
Thank you Barack Obama for being a rare example of a leader working for the people, freedom and equality, instead of personal interest. You have been a great inspiration. May we take it from here.


art: Ernesto Yerena