The yoga paradigm shift

June 21, 2016

Yoga belongs to everyone.

Yoga practice is a tool for inner peace, no matter who you are, no matter where you are.

Yoga is universal knowledge. It is not owned by a guru who has it and who will pass it on to a disciple who does not have it. That concept is a complete myth. The knowledge of yoga is freely accessible to anyone and everyone at all times and in all places. It becomes available to you when you listen deeply, when you pause, when you connect.

Reinforcing the spiritual ladder of hierarchy by placing oneself below another is perpetuating the myth of yoga as a power practice.

The time for a paradigm shift has come. Let us equally share the practices of peace, stability, and inner freedom with one another. Let us be transparent in our actions. Let us break down the walls of separation and come together in unity, cultivating a vision of absolute equality beyond race, color, privilege, gender, or species. This world needs warriors of unconditional love with sharp and unconfused minds. This world needs love more than fear.

Act from love not fear

illustration: Yumi Sakugawa