Mother Earth is a Temple, not a Dustbin!

April 25, 2016

Because Earth is so beautiful, we are attracted to her, we fall in love with her, we desire to experience her beauty.
We become embodied as human beings in order to taste her, the oceans, forests, rain, rocks, air.
Earth continues to be beautiful, but also wants to teach us: Let go! Return to the source!
How many continents will you need to travel until you have saturated your need to experience things external to you?
Lie down on my back, says Earth. Relax. Let the center of your heart become connected with my center. Feel your heart’s pulsation become one with the pulse of my heart. Feel rhythm.
Earth revolts: earthquakes – humans wake up!
Earth veils: confusion, pollution, consumption, never enough stuff – how far do I have to push you until you let go? Is there not enough trash covering my skin yet?
Earth flirts: how many more lovers until you get tired of it? When will you be ready to go back to love in its purest form?
Earth plays: she dances, she sings.
Earth teaches. Earth is the teacher.
Earth provokes.
Earth is the Guru, the heavy, the dark, the center, the magnet, the core.
Earth is the Bindu of the cosmos, the center of the wheel.
Earth is Zero. Earth is Samasthiti. Earth is home.
Don’t look for your light out there in the stars. Travel home to the pulse of the heart of the Earth.

Mother Earth Shiva

Graffiti on a wall in Goa, India.